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Gael Clichy praises Pep Guardiola’s impact at the Etihad Stadium

Since the arrival of Pep Guardiola to Manchester City, there have been a number of changes that the Spanish manager has implanted to his fairly new squad with dietary restrictions and not being able to use wifi on certain places of the training grounds, these are just a few of the things that Guardiola has placed to his team and Gael Clichy has praised Pep Guardiola as the 31 year old French player said:

“He’s an ideal manager for any kind of player. The goalkeeper needs to be better with their feet, the centre-backs are improving, the full-backs are important, the centre midfield – he said something like if he could play 11 midfielders, he would play them, so I guess for a midfielder it’s unbelievable’’

‘’And the strikers are going to score a lot of goals because we are going to create a lot of chances. I can even tell you that the assistant manager will improve so he’s the kind of guy that, if you’re lucky to work with him during your career, he is someone you will remember for a long time because he’s truly impressive.”

Gael Clichy is entering the final year of his contract with Manchester City and ever since he joined the Premier League club back on July 2011, the French player has managed to make consistent appearances and there is a realistic chance of his contract being extended as the 27 year old player has traditionally been an influential player, although since the arrival of Guardiola, he has been spending more time on the sidelines.

Even though Clichy has historically been a key figure at the Etihad Stadium, he might not be in the plans of Pep Guardiola and this could be one of the reasons of why Gael Clichy has recently been seeing much more time on the sidelines than usual and a contract extension is ultimately in the hands of Pep Guardiola.