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Gael Clichy hopes that Manchester City can learn from Chelsea

Jose Mourinho led Chelsea to the 5th Premier League title of their history in what was a pretty convincing season as Chelsea secured the English title with 87 points meanwhile Manchester City was far behind with 79 points.

The previous season of the Premier League was a fairly disappointing one for Manchester City as they failed on winning any trophy after being knocked out from the Champions League and the FA Cup and losing the Premier League race against Chelsea which became the champions of England and now have the task of defending their title.

Despite having won the Premier League in a stellar form, Chelsea is being known for their playing style which is labeled as: ‘’boring’’ and Jose Mourinho has implemented a method which is known as: ‘’Parking the Bus’’

This boring playing style was especially evident a few years ago when Chelsea was playing the semi- finals of the 2011-12 Champions League against Barcelona and during the majority of the game Chelsea was playing defensively with almost all of the players of the English club holding their grown inside their own half and still managed to claim the victory and eventually went on winning the Champions League.

Manchester City’s Gael Clichy believes that if his teammates learn to play like that, they will be able to win more matches.

"Sometimes in football you just need to be able to win games, even when you are not playing well. People always seem to be talking about how certain teams are playing. With Chelsea they are saying Mourinho plays defensive football and his team doesn't like to attack. They've won a lot of games by one goal but at the end of the day you just look at the trophies,"

"Our philosophy is to play attractive football and score lots of goals, but the bottom line is if you play for a club like City and have had the season we've had, it's not good enough." The French defender of Manchester City said.

Manuel Pellegrini only cares about winning titles and it doesn’t matter for him if the price of it is playing less attractively, it’s a price that the Chilean manager is willing to pay as he is under a lot of pressure as the owner and the head executives of Manchester City want to see him start winning major titles and if he doesn’t do it, he will probably be sacked by next season or maybe even sooner.