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With Manchester United scoring the victory over their rival team City, it’s reported that their team was inspired by a heroic speech given by the currently injured captain Wayne Rooney.

While Rooney has been out of the game for quite a while now, he still seeks to inspire his team and lead them to victory through words.

Before the big game, Rooney gave an encouraging speech to the team in the dressing room. This comes as a surprise because Louis Van Gaal doesn’t usually allow anyone who’s not in the match squad into the dressing rooms right before a game but for the injured captain Rooney, an exception was made. The speech came at a heartfelt time because 10 days prior, they lost against Liverpool.

At half time, United were already 1-0 up, and the clear favourites to win the Derby on StanJames, but they still had a fraught 45 miuntes to go.

Last year, another speech very similar was also given to his team. What is Rooney saying to these guys to inspire them to such great lengths? Last year was yet another tough spot for Manchester United and after the poetic and inspiring speech by Rooney, they were able to turn the season around. So how do you inspire people to such a degree that it helps secure a victory? When you play for Manchester United, there’s a certain expectation of you and your team.

Rooney stated “Our main aim was to finish as high up in the table and then we had Liverpool coming up, Man City coming up, so I knew we had some tough games and as a reminder to the players, I told them the football club we’re playing at, the standards you need to set at this club and what we have to do to reach our goal.”

Members of the team are cited as saying that he’s one of those people that you listen to when he speaks. No one is fiddling around, everyone has their 100% focus and attention on Rooney when he’s giving these motivational speeches. It helps secure victories and lifts up an entire team. This win comes at a much needed time too, Manchester United is now back in the race for the Champion’s League.