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Clichy on title race

Manchester City defender Gael Clichy believes that Manchester City will make it to the end this season.

He said that there would be no repeat of last season’s performance and believes that the club has the necessary players to make it until the end of the season.

He said that Pep Guardiola has inspired the team and that he has brought in some new training methods as well as tactics that will help the club make it to the title.

The former Arsenal defender said that Manchester City has the necessary resources to win the title and that the players are ready to give their best in order to win matches. He said that Manchester City had learned from their mistakes last year and that they will not commit the same ones this season.

He believes that Pep Guardiola has made a good recruitment during the transfer window and that the new players have gelled well and that they are going to help the team move forward. He said that there is a good spirit in the team and that each player wants to give their best in order to win trophies.

Clichy said that Guardiola has brought a change in the training sessions and that this is already showing in their performance. He said that this is one of the best staff he has worked with and that he believes that the club is in a good position to win trophies. He said that all the training sessions are tailored to each player and that the entire club’s staff is involved in the training sessions.

Gael Clichy admitted however that the league would not be easy as there are several teams that can compete for the title and that Manchester City should be consistent throughout the season if they want to win the title.