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Gael Clichy had finally made his move and transfer from Arsenal to Manchester City final in the latter half of the previous year.

The four year deal with Manchester City had made gael all excited to be playing for them.

However, he spoke words of [praise for all the members of Arsenal and even n=mentioned that since the time he has come to England, he has made some of the best friends while at Arsenal.

Gael Clichy has shown quite an excellent array of skills and he does seem to deserve the transfer as it might help him to build his career in the positive direction. He is anyway quite happy with Manchester City and has managed to play quite a few numbers of matches in the league till date.

He has proved his worth every time he has been put on the field and the manager is quite pleased with his performance and does consider it to be a good deal as Gael has managed to give in quite a lot.

Manchester City is currently on top in the points table and this goes on to show their excellent performance displayed by each of their players. The best part of Gael Clichy is that he has managed to blend in with the rest of the players very easily and has put in quite the effort to make sure that he assists and helps other players as well in their approach to the game.

He finds the entire team very friendly and cordial and they have been a great support to him since the time he has joined. He hopes his stay in Manchester City will be as exciting and continue to be pleasant and beneficial in the long run.